The Loves of My Life!!

The Loves of My Life!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reflections From Mud Run

So...back in January when Mud Run went on sale...or maybe it was December...I was totally amped to run Mud Run in 2009. I had grand aspirations of training hard for the race...honestly ...I did. But, things happen, life happens, and the training never really materialized.

I can honestly say that with the exception of Crossfit WODs where 200, 400 or 800 meter sprints are involved, and two other runs ((1) 5k on Thanksgiving, and (1) 4.4 mile run on Easter)I did not prepare for the mud run in any way shape or form.

My ego was really messing with me. The entire week before the race I thought about pulling out, about not going down for the race. You see, I'm kind of competitive, and I don't like to get beat on the course....actually I don't really like to get beat anywhere, my head said...don't go!

In the end, there were other people counting on me to make the trip down, and while I can rain on my own parade, I can't screw over other people with my issues. So I decided to go. I left my ego in Monrovia, and decided to have a good time.

On the way there were a few surprises. I made a new friend or two, and they have their own Crossfit those are cool friends to have! Someday I'm going to go down and hang with them at their place for fun...maybe learn a little bit about muscle ups---hear they are superb at teaching the muscle up!

As for the course...being in the chute before the race began was cool...rubbing elbows with other excited racers. Star Spangled Banner brought goosebumps and tears. I loved the guy in front of us waving his own American Flag...he carried it on the run, although he was way faster than me, so I have no idea if he carried it across the lake or not! Mile 1 was fast and fun. Mile 2 was where my head started messing with body was like screw you!!!, but I kept going. Mile 3 and 4....hill climb all the way...let my girls go ahead without me...kept a comfortable pace for me and stayed really focused. I think that course is really daunting because you can see the hill go on and on for what seems to be forever....very menacing!!

Once I got to the top, I knew I would love the rest of the race....downhill was hard on my legs...easy on my lungs. Mud pits were stinky. Wall climbs were awesome. The lake crossing is my favorite. Slippery hill almost made my calves mud pit chewed up my knees a bit.....but I scooted through the tunnel like a pro.

So glad I pushed through my mental stuff, because I had a great time. In the last half mile I spotted Kelli.....that was so cool to cherr for her in her boots and me out of myself.

In the end I had a time of 1:20:07.....not too shabby for a girl who was running for the third time this year......

I think I owe a lot to Crossfit....that program gives me strength. I kind of if I actually trained, and by trained I mean ran.....I might be pretty good.

And that's pretty cool!!