The Loves of My Life!!

The Loves of My Life!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Quick Peek Inside My Mind

Warning!! A peek inside my mind might be scattered. I've gotten used to it. Actually I kind if like it!

Today started out with a trip to Trader Joe's for some shopping. The weekend trip to Big Bear really threw me for a loop with my diet. It was more like a cheat weekend that flowed into Thursday, filled with more carbs than I care to explain in any detail, and there was sugar and fatty goodness thrown in to boot.

Nevertheless, today I am on a mission to get back on a zonish eating plan. Zonish, because I'm just not as strict or dedicated as all you Paleo Zoners out there....I give you mad props....but I've got too much going on in my life right now to risk being edgy and irritable from diet restriction. I'm not judging anyone elses experiences form eating Paleo Zone.....I just know that when I eliminate all grains and dairy from my diet, I turn into a grouchy female dog......and my kids and a few select "others" don't need that in their life right now.

I changed up my breakfast regimen, and it was awesome. I just couldn't hack another protein oatmeal bowl, so I went for egg whites, soy bacon (A rather odd, and strangely red concoction!!), a corn tortilla and 1 tbsp of spicy humus, with a couple of shakes of Tapatio--ole!). It was heaven, oh and I threw in about a half a cup of blackberries for good measure!!

I just polished off my lunch....which rocked! About a half a cup of brown rice, half a cup of shrimp, a cup of broccoli and asparagus, and a few "flavor balls" and onions out of the Trader Joe's fire roasted balsamic vegetable frozen blend (to die for if you haven't tried it, but contains carrots for all you high glycemic veggie haters!)

Anyway.....I see a cheese stick/apple/almond snack in my future and a veggie chicken dinner.

For me, that's pretty much back on track.

I missed out on a whole week of Crossfit, which totally blows, but the Big Bear trip was awesome and totally worth it....and life has been hectic since I got back with escrow papers, and banking, and working with my I've been "taking care of business" and next week I'll be back in CF action. One of my co-workers said, "Jess, if you don't work out for a week, it's not going to kill you!"

Of course he is absolutely right, but when I read the Academy blog, and lots of my friends are making huge gains in their training, and I am absent, it makes me feel left out and some how not connected ( but I'm stoked for all y'all !)......I want to accomplish things alongside my week I say!!!!!

My boy has been saying some funny stuff this week.....most notably, "Are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?" Followed by...."That's silly right?" and last night there was his proclamation that he can speak Spanish followed up with, "No Problema!"

I believe I also heard him singing..."If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear!" Oh my, how some things haven't changed since I was a kid.

And what else???? Little baby girl is really going through some willful period right now, with many temper tantrums that include will pass. She's pretty hard core when it comes to not giving in.......wonder where she gets that from?????

The week has been amazing! I feel blessed and hopeful and loved. I feel strong in mind and in body. What more can you ask for? I'm thinking not much!!

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