The Loves of My Life!!

The Loves of My Life!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So, it was another one of "those" days! As I was dropping E & C of at school, I was approached by E's teacher, and she requested a minute of my time. My mind immediately goes to "Dear heaven's what has he done now?" mode.

The latest offense against humanity......E is forming a gun with his thumb and index finger and apparently "shooting" at children in the preschool.

Now, this teacher knows that we allow him to play with guns at home. She is just asking for us to support her and talk to E about not making a pretend gun with his fingers. Because, guns are not safe, and we don't want children to feel unsafe at school.

Dear me....I must bite my tongue.........

In my opinion, if there is a child that is going to be detrimentally harmed by my child pointing his finger at them, then they are really in for a rude awakening when they make it out into the real world.

Yes, I will talk to E, Jeffrey will talk to E. I already do take his guns away if I catch him pointing them at people or animals. Jeffrey repeatedly talks to E about gun safety.....there are something like 4 rules......I think one of them is never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to shoot.......I can't specifically remember the others......but make no mistake:

All real weapons are locked up at our house. E will possibly be allowed to shoot a bb gun (at a target (inanimate) in Ohio on his grandpa's farm this October.....wearing goggles, and completely supervised by his father. We will raise him to respect guns, and utilize them in safe conditions.

After said incident at school.....I desperately wanted to purchase every single GI Joe toy at Target and let E take them to school for share day.......Alas.....I must show some restraint......I might not like it.....but that's what I will do.

It probably doesn't help the matter much that I bought E his first holster with 2 cowboy pistols over the weekend.

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