The Loves of My Life!!

The Loves of My Life!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thoughts about my boy!

Elias’ teacher asked me to stay and chat with her this morning. She asked, is everything ok at home? My response, better than it ever has been. She said Elias is being overly silly and disruptive this week. They have done away with the class’ regular structure, for more summer fun…little dude needs structure and boundaries…….anyway, you know what the difference is now then it was when I was drinking. Now I think…..he’s not a bad kid, and it’s their job to create an environment that works for Eli……he’s not biting or hitting or yelling or name calling…..the kid is just silly. I am able to keep things in perspective a bit more these days!!! What a blessing. I told her that I would talk to him about listening…..and not being too silly……I know I have years of this very same conversation ahead of me. It’s who he is…sweet and silly…..I like him that way. I say, if you are ever having a bad day, you would be so lucky to have a friend like Elias, because he will lift your spirit in no time flat, and make you laugh and feel loved.

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