The Loves of My Life!!

The Loves of My Life!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Excited for Hillbilly Easter

What can I say.......I'm excited for hilbilly Easter. I was having a hard time deciding on a menu for Sunday dinner. In speaking with a good friend, we decided that it will be a full blown down home cookin event....with a little help from our good friend Honey Baked Ham. It's the anti-christ of a Zone Easter....hallelujah! Honey Baked Ham and Turkey, Baked Beans with Bacon, Conrbread, Cheesy scalloped potatoes, Broccoli (for good measure) and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. Oh my!

The bunny reminded me that he prefers the sprinklers to be turned off so his fancy paws don't have to get wet when he hides his magical eggs in the yard. Silly Bunny!!!! Hopefully I'll remember, it's kind of a tall order amongst the usual chaos. Not chaos bad...just everyday chaos!!!

Anyway, I'm thinking a trip to the PHS farmer's market is in order for some fresh strawberries and perhaps some glorios flowers. And...if it happens to be raining, we will splash madly in the puddles as we peruse the goods. Yes, this sounds like a fun adventure!!

Happy Easter my freinds! God is good!!

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